Making Mum Proud

Making mum proudI had always been good at school. I guess I took pride in how I went in my studies. After my mum was diagnosed with cancer, I started to struggle but I still kept up a good record.

At the end of year 11 I had a UAI (University Admissions Index) estimated and I was sitting at 93. I was proud and continuing to work hard.

“Everything changed when my mum died”

It was the beginning of year 12. I knew my mum was very sick but I was in denial of how bad it really was. I didn’t believe she would really die. So when she passed away, it was still a big shock to me.

I was hurting, angry at the world and I couldn’t concentrate on anything but the overwhelming pain that was consuming me. One of the areas that most stood out to me was my dropping grades at school and my inability to focus in classes and on assignments.

I dropped down a level, ruining my plans to go to Uni the next year.

“I was crushed that I was letting myself down”

I received a lot of support and encouragement from my school careers advisor and student support. With this help I came up with a new plan of study for after I finished Year 12.

I am now studying full time at TAFE, a course called community welfare which acts as a bridging course into university. I love what I am doing and feel empowered because I am still heading in the direction I wanted to.

It hasn’t been easy and I have had to change my plans along the way, but I am proud of where I have gotten to. I now know that no matter how big or small the setbacks that life throws at you are, you can achieve your dreams if you don’t give up.

I am continuing with my studies, and living a life to make my mum proud.